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Little Brown Bat

Meet Otis,

The Little Brown Bat
(​Myotis Lucifugus)

A Bit About Me

Little Brown Bats live all around North America and have been spotted coast to coast in the US and Canada region.  Little brown bats can roost everywhere from attics to behind bark inside trees, to abandon mines and caves. 


While they sleep 20 hours a day, Little brown bats have a voracious appetite and can eat 50% of their body weight in insects every evening, or 1000 insects per hours.  A colony of bats eat 42lbs (19.2kg) worth of insects in just 4 months.


Sadly, little brown bats are one of the three bats most threatened by White Nose Syndrome (WNS), a deadly fungal disease caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans. This fungus is rapidly spreading throughout North America and has killed millions of bats over the past 10 years. WNS gets its name from the white, fuzzy fungus that grows on bats’ muzzles and wings. The disease causes bats to use more energy and become dehydrated during hibernation, leading to starvation and death. Many Northeastern winter colonies of little brown bats have declined over 90% because of WNS.

How I'm Made


I'm 3D printed using a process called Multi-Jet Fusion MJF.  While I'm made out of a durable material called Nylon 12 PA, my color is not as durable.  I prefer cool dark places, away from direct sunlight and moisture.  


As a bat, I like to hang upside-down or vertically on a surface by my feet away from predators such pets and small children.

As my feet have magnets to help me stick to metal surfaces, I should be kept away from sensitive electronics.

I am an art object, not a toy.  I am collectible and displayable for ages 15+. 




Materials: NYLON 12, MAGNETS

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